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Thank you

‘Thank’ and ‘you’.  At face value two monosyllabic little words that seem insignificant and inconspicuous but, delve deeper, and it is clear these words carry with them a weight of hugely important meaning.

small words - big meaning

small words – big meaning

We go out of our way to teach our children how important it is to use them and to mean them at home, at school, at friend’s houses “Thank you for having me….”. We know that wonderful feeling when our own efforts are acknowledged, or our sacrifices, our gestures of kindness or our good manners. Sometimes it might be for something that has been particularly difficult or above and beyond the call of duty and sometimes it might be for something that took no effort at all, something that came naturally.

‘Thank’ and ‘you’ – two little words we use to acknowledge a person’s effort; to show how much we value them and as a heartfelt way of saying “please keep doing that”. We use them at work to affirm the person, to commend their performance. Sometimes we endorse someone to colleagues as a way of emphasising the “thank you” and sometimes we offer a testimonial as a way of  recommending a person, celebrating their work and appreciating it. Saying thank you comes naturally to most of us and we also enjoy the moment when we are appreciated, when someone says thank you to us. Indeed, someone said thank you to me in an unusual way recently which moved me to write this post. One of my longstanding clients has just started writing poetry and has embarked on a journey exploring his creative side. His day job is a world away but he is revelling in expressing his feelings in a different medium.

"I tried to be perfect then I dropped all the plates"

“I tried to be perfect then I dropped all the plates”

It has been well-documented how poetry can help as a kind of therapy – Allison Pearson writes about model wife, mother and society hostess, Rachel Kelly who nearly lost her sanity through depression. As Rachel’s new book tells, it was the healing power of poetry that saved her. My client’s state of mind is not currently in question but the power of poetry cannot be denied and I found myself extremely moved when there, without warning, in my inbox, was a poem he had written, inspired by his critical friend, yours truly. It is his way of expressing what our work together means and I feel extremely honoured to have been thanked in this way. So this in turn is my way of saying “thank you” to him for celebrating our relationship in such a special way.

My Critical Friend

Warmth and wisdom,
a clear head
a caring heart,
these typify my critical friend.

Sympathy and empathy,
these typify my critical friend.

Concern and context
these typify my critical friend.

Love and laughter,
these typify my critical friend.

Come rain or shine,
celebration or sorrow,
delight or disaster,
I have no fear
because I have
my critical friend.

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