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I work in partnership with my clients, offering business advice to develop personal growth and strengthen skills, ultimately helping individuals and companies to achieve their goals.

I feel these testimonials speak for themselves and due to the confidentiality of my work, they have been posted anonymously.

IMG_9360“Working with Liz saw my business double in the first year with her. She helps you to make things happen and see opportunities you never realised were out there – Miriam Drahmane, MD Marketing.” 

“I came away from seeing you feeling good about myself and remembering the helpful things that you have said. You are the only person I can talk to without editing myself. I think that makes you a very special person.”

“It’s surprising, sometimes, how a combination of events can leave an otherwise confident and secure person not knowing where to turn. Talking to Liz as a critical friend set me back on the right track. She was understanding and non-judgemental, but, unlike a friend who tells you what you want to hear, she wasn‘t afraid to point out where I was expending energy in the wrong direction.” 

“I find [Liz’s] experience and wisdom to be invaluable especially as she is able to ask questions and point out those things I would not even have considered and then support me in the implementation of goals and plans. And, it has to be said, she has on occasion, challenged me on those things that need to be brought to the surface and discussed.” 

IMG_9247 (2)“You give me confidence in myself and encourage me to try things. You have tremendous focus and made me see that I can focus and achieve too. You contribute creative ideas and push me to think through my ideas and then deliver. You are always professional in your outlook, particularly in your attitude towards meeting deadlines and standards.”

“Your wise counsel has been invaluable in seeking satisfactory outcomes to problems that at times seemed impossible to solve. I admire your professionalism and diplomatic approach. Many thanks for all the ways in which you have helped me.”

Liz Toogood

“I work in a very male dominated environment and being the only Female in a senior position can be a very lonely place at times. Liz’s advice was balanced and well considered and helped me to stay focussed both in the meetings and my day-day work, and to come out on the other side feeling proud that I had stood my ground and gained respect at work as a result.” 

“Being new to giving presentations I found the coaching and encouragement given to me by Liz was invaluable. I now have the confidence to build on the foundations she has given me to go from strength to strength.”

“It is a unique experience to work with you. Whenever I have been with you words like ‘brilliant’ and ‘inspiring’ come to mind. You have a huge body of knowledge and experience and an amazing and engaging level of energy.”

IMG_9575 (2)“You are straightforward and never play games. You have very effective listening skills and always see or hear the subtext so you get to the heart of what I am feeling; you get the best out of me in a completely businesslike way but you are charming as well.”

“I was closely associated with Elizabeth at NCL/NFC from the time she joined the then subsidiary company as a Management Trainee direct from University to the time when she left to take up a more responsible position with Sketchley. She very quickly gained expertise in all aspects of Personnel/Human Resources work and progressed through the management ranges becoming an essential, valued member of the team, later becoming a senior Personnel person at Group Headquarters. This was achieved not only through her professionalism but also by her honesty, integrity, loyalty and her approach and personality that quickly gained the respect of the Organisation’s line management in what was originally a very misogynistic organisation.

She was a person who always surprised by her ability to achieve even the most stringent targets and by the excellence of her results. She made a difference and perhaps her greatest achievements were in the area of diversity and the way, by her example, she made women managers acceptable at every level in an outfit that at times was pre-historic in its approach.”

IMG_9520 (2)“Elizabeth and I both worked at Sketchley Consumer Division, and after we had both left I was very pleased to call upon her for professional input at three organisations of which I was Managing Director/ Chief Executive.

At Candis we needed to carry out a comprehensive upgrade of the quality of people employed in the national field force engaged in selling and distribution. Elizabeth came in to orchestrate an extensive recruitment programme for jobs at the District Manager level, and which was successfully and professionally accomplished.

At Granby Marketing Services it was a necessary element of our strategy to put in place proper personnel procedures and recruitment protocols, and Elizabeth played a significant role in directing and assisting relatively inexperienced people to do that. The work was completed extremely effectively and efficiently and helped to underpin a subsequent three fold increase in profits over 5 years in this labour-intensive business and fast growing business.

At 2Touch, Elizabeth played a prominent role in the recruitment of a Chief Executive to replace myself on my retirement. Again the approach and the process were totally professional, a fact commented on by the candidates themselves.”

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Elizabeth Toogood Critical Friend – A Safe Pair of Hands: to help you explore and grow with unconditional acceptance.


Your Critical Friend will work with you:

  • to share and analyse your successes
  • to discuss and consider things that go wrong & why
  • to offer truthful unbiased feedback
  • to discuss your thinking in a non-judgemental environment
  • to help you discover what to do next
  • to become more effective by developing your creative space
  • to focus on making your work more productive & profitable
  • to achieve success
  • to think outside the box to achieve your targets

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Having worked in the charitable sector for many years, Elizabeth has a wealth of relevant talent and valuable experience.

LizToogoodElizabeth is a mixture of mentor, coach and non-executive director. She meets face to face with individuals and gives each of them total focus; there are no matrices or models into which they need to fit. The ethos of Elizabeth Toogood is to offer a high level of support and serious intellectual challenge.

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