How to be a great coach and stay sane


You are asking 'What can you tell me that I don't already know?' Probably nothing because you are a good coach and in reading this you are showing that you are always seeking to improve. You have lots of clients: all shapes and sizes and all looking for different things.

You are responsible for them. You have a duty of care. You bear the burden. You have obligations to look after these people. You are giving out to your clients all the time and have no fuel left. They look to you for forensic analysis, for affirmation, for understanding. Your job is to stand in their shoes – whatever affects them affects you. You look out from behind their eyes to see their world and it is so tiring. You love it but it drains you. You cannot show how you feel or share your fears; your job is to feel other people's emotions not your own. You love others but no one seems to love you.

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