Your Critical Friend

How it works …

Our first meeting

Elizabeth Toogood Critical Friend is here to keep you on track, to draw out all the objectives you want to achieve and transform them into manageable pieces of work.

Taking things step-by-step, we will work together in confidential 90 minute one-to-one sessions to craft a plan of action points with the ultimate aim of you achieving your goals.

After our first meeting

Within 48 hours of our meeting I ask for one commitment: an email consisting of a list of actions you feel can be achieved before our next session. This allows individuals to be flexible and take on as little or as much as they feel possible. Your critical friend is here to help, guide and support you, not to overload you.

Contact Elizabeth Toogood Critical Friend to book a blind date.

Elizabeth Toogood Critical Friend – A Safe Pair of Hands: to help you explore and grow with unconditional acceptance.


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Your Critical Friend will work with you:

  • to share and analyse your successes
  • to discuss and consider things that go wrong & why
  • to offer truthful unbiased feedback
  • to discuss your thinking in a non-judgemental environment
  • to help you discover what to do next
  • to become more effective by developing your creative space
  • to focus on making your work more productive & profitable
  • to achieve success
  • to think outside the box to achieve your targets

Having worked in the public sector for many years, Elizabeth has a wealth of relevant talent and valuable experience.

LizToogoodElizabeth is a mixture of mentor, coach and non-executive director. She meets face to face with individuals and gives each of them total focus; there are no matrices or models into which they need to fit. The ethos of Elizabeth Toogood is to offer a high level of support and serious intellectual challenge.

Happy clients.

“You give me confidence in my self and encourage me to try things. You have tremendous focus and made me see that I can focus and achieve too. You contribute creative ideas and push me to think through my ideas and then deliver….“
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